Programming note + An exciting announcement!

We're expanding our community in 2021!

Hey y’all. Automatter won’t publish this Friday or next. We’ll be back to our regular schedule on the first Friday in January.

But while we’re here, we wanted to tell you, dear readers, that next year we’re launching a series of Automatter Fireside Chats! We’ve started lining up featured guests for small-group chats moderated by Halle and Jeremy where we’ll talk about process, automation, and the unique ways our guests and community use them in their personal or professional lives.

We’re going to cap the attendance to no more than 10 per call to facilitate truly in-depth conversations, so if you want us to consider you as we put together our invite lists, please take two minutes to fill out this form on Airtable (naturally).

Join us for Automatter Fireside Chats!

See you in 2021!

p.s. Here’s some bonus content Jeremy made when Halle was writing Automating the Andreessen Analyst and he was writing Is Audio The Ultimate No-Code Format?

p.p.s. And here’s Halle procrastinating on The Emerging Manager Toolbox.