Automatter is where we think about processes and how we can benefit from a little bit of automation.

Here’s what that means right now:

  • We’re starting with articles about process automation -- specifically, concrete guides with specific examples that you can use as inspiration for building better processes at your own firms.

  • We’ll also publish ruminations on communication, cognitive burdens, decision-making, and more. We’re starting with a high-level focus on software and applications in venture capital but we may broaden over time.

  • In the future, we want to do more systematic analyses of current events in automation. This might take the form of a regular news rundown covering developments in APIs, a deep dive into a company’s new or changing automation offerings -- hello Airtable! -- or even a review of companies trying to take your Command key to brave new places.

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Halle Kaplan-Allen
Head of Marketing & Partnerships @ Sydecar
Jeremy Diamond