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Opps for people who love ops

My first exposure to online tech communities was Modern Sales Pros. I joined MSP just as I was starting my role in Revenue Operations while living in New Orleans. At the time, I knew no one who worked in tech outside of my coworkers. I certainly knew no one who had the same type of role as me.

Modern Sales Pros introduced me to thousands of people around the world who were working in strategic operations roles. Some were at pre-seed startups, some were at public companies, and some were at growth stage companies like mine. Amongst those people, there was a range of specialties, titles, and experience levels. But everyone had one thing in common: a desire to share tips and tricks to make their sales organizations run more efficiently. The people I met, conversations I had, and resources that were shared through MSP gave me direction, validation, and confidence in the work that I was doing - even though I often felt like I was making it up as I went along. I learned about data silos and playbooks and strategic process design, concepts which will inform the work that I do for the rest of my life.

Automatter was born out of my desire to find a similar community in the venture world: people who cared about the processes and systems that fueled the industry. Being new to venture, I wanted people to compare notes about processes and tech stacks. In the past 9 months, Automatter has become a channel for me to connect with those people - and then connect those people with one another. I’ve introduced countless people who have often gone on to do dope shit together. 

Recently, an investor reached out to me because they were looking to hire someone to build no-code automations and workflows for their firm. I was elated for two reasons: 1) it meant that I achieved my goal of creating and scaling a community of people who care about venture operations and 2) it validated my thesis from January of this year about the emergence of venture operations roles. 

I’ve watched this pattern slowly emerge over the past several months in Chief of Staff, Platform, and now true Venture Operations roles. Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of responsibilities I’ve pulled out of some of those job descriptions:

“Evaluate, manage and maintain technical solutions and tools that allow us to better manage our infrastructure and portfolio management (NOTION, Visible.VC)”

“Build, evaluate and promote tooling for the community (e.g., enterprise software, social media solutions) and ensure documentation of key processes.”

“Build internal tools and workflows using no-code apps."

“You love no/low code tools.”

“Developing and maintaining data pipelines between systems, ensuring data integrity and synchronization across the organization.”

I’m really excited to watch this community of venture operators - many of whom don’t come from the traditional VC/PE/IB background - continue to grow. And I want to help smart people find great roles at incredible firms.

With that, I’m ecstatic to announce Automatter Jobs, a curation of roles in venture ops, strategic operations, and investing roles at select firms. I hope that by highlighting firms and startups that are investing in strategic operations early on, I can continue to relay the importance of such roles and bring together the incredible folks who are filling them.

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Automatter Jobs is, of course, powered by Pallet -- after referring pretty much everyone I know on the internet to Pallet, I figured it was time for me to join the party as well. Recruiting is one of many aspects of the venture industry that is ripe for disruption, and I have no doubt that these boys are up for the task. 

And now, to highlight a few of the roles I am most excited about:

Operations Specialist at Strut Consulting

Kristen Ostro, the founder of Strut Consulting, is truly the godmother of venture operations. She has more than a decade of experience in the craft at firms like NEA, Homebrew and Xfund and she runs Let’s Talk Ops, a community of the top operational, cross-discipline talent fueling today's venture capital community. I’m envious of anyone who has the opportunity to learn from Kristen at Strut.

Technology Associate at Anthos Capital

This is probably the most exciting role that I’ve seen in the venture operations space. Anthos, a firm with $1.5B AUM, is hiring a no-coder to take full ownership over their internal tech stack. This role reports into Anthos’ VP of Biz Ops & Strategy, Maddy Walsh, who is incredibly smart and thoughtful when it comes to both strategic operations and investing. 

Revenue Operations & Partnerships Manager at Shoobx

Shoobx is a company that has been on my radar since I first got interested in VC software because of their focus on automation. Their investor product automatically transforms term sheets into investment docs and removes friction from the closing process. Plus, it’s always heartening to see a startup that prioritizes Rev Ops hires.

If you’re hiring for a role Venture Ops, RevOps, BizOps, Strategy, Growth or Partnerships, we’d love you to submit your role to Automatter Jobs! Our vision is that this not only becomes the go-to place for strategic operations roles in VC & startups, but that it helps us continue to build our community of people who are obsessed with process and automation.

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