Coming up: A Fireside Chat with Makerpad's Ben Tossell and Amie Pollack

Team Makerpad + Team Automatter = FIRE EMOJI

On Monday, February 15, Automatter will host our second Fireside Chat with Ben Tossell and Amie Pollack of Makerpad. Makerpad, which was created by Ben in 2019, is the world’s leading destination to learn, share and work together to create software—without writing code. Makerpad was born while Ben was working at Product Hunt and noticed an emergence of tools that allowed users to build apps and websites without code. While Makerpad was originally a side hustle for Ben, it has now grown to a community of 16k subscribers, 7,000 members, and offers over 250 tutorial videos. At the end of 2020, Ben launched the Makerpad Fund to invest in no-code tools. 

Makerpad now has 4 full time employees, including Amie Pollack who joined in December 2019 and is now their Head of Content. In December, Amie did a deep dive tutorial on automating a venture fund’s process from intake to final signature. 

We’re so excited to have Amie and Ben join us to talk through the form to contract process and answer some questions about automation and no-code tools. 

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